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Lake Worth Sailing Club Dinghy Regatta

Curcuit Stop #4

September 8-9 at LWSC.


Governor’s Cup regatta


The Austin Yacht Club Governor’s Cup regatta is next week!

And it is the first circuit stop for the Texas Sunfish circuit.

Come out and play fish!


2018 Texas Sunfish Circuit Calendar


Event                                                       Date                      Location/Info

*Governor’s Cup Regatta                      April 7 – 8           Austin Yacht Club

Circuit #1                                                                          Austin, Texas

*Spring Fling Regatta                            April 28 – 29      Conroe Yacht Club

Circuit #2                                                                          Montgomery, Texas

*Fort Worth Boat Club                          June 9 – 10          Fort Worth Boat Club

Circuit #3                                                                           Fort Worth, TX

*Lake Worth Regatta                            Sept 8 – 9             Lake Worth Sailing Club

Circuit #4                                                                         Fort Worth, TX

*Fall Dinghyfest                                       Oct 13 – 14        Rush Creek Yacht Club

Circuit #5                                                                              Heath, Texas

*AYC Centerboard Regatta                     Oct 27 – 28        Austin Yacht Club

Circuit #6                                                                               Austin, Texas

*Wurstfest Regatta                                  Nov 4 – 5          Canyon Yacht Club

Circuit #7                                                                               Lake Canyon, Texas

World Qualifier                                                          

*KKM Regatta                                           TBA                     Clear Lake Sailing Club

Circuit #8                                                                                Clear Lake, Texas

This year’s Texas Sunfish Circuit will use the High Point Scoring system. To qualify for inclusion in the final results, a skipper must compete in at least 4 regattas held. If another event is add to the schedule, I will still only score a skipper’s 4 highest scores in the final results.

N = number of skippers sailing in a circuit regatta

Finishing Place                                   Score

First                                                       N

Second                                                 N-1

Third                                                      N-2

Fourth                                                  N-3

Each place thereafter subtracts 1 point.

A DNC will not get a score. Only skippers competing in an event will receive a score.