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The Texas Sunfish Racing Circuit invites you to come have some fun sailing this one-design dinghy that brings back the thrill of sailing without the hassle of lining up a crew. The Sunfish is a 13 foot single handler with a simple, easy to assemble, lateen rigged centerboard sailboat. More Sunfish have been produced than any other sailboat in the world. In recent years, the boat has seen a resurgence in popularity as middle aged hotshots in other classes have grown weary of the aggravations of lining up crews and then taking a couple of hours to get rigged on each outing. The result is that the level of competition has become very high.

On the TX Circuit we include a competitor with multiple Olympic Sailing medals to his credit, and… he does not always win! It is a fun group sailing a simple, relatively inexpensive boat, and really hard to beat for individual or family participation. As a competitive used boat can be purchased for less than a new mainsail for a 30 foot keelboat, some families have 2 or 3 ‘fish and everyone gets to “be the skipper”!

Many Sunfish are simply loaded into the back of pickups or onto racks on top of SUVs for trips to regattas around the region, eliminating even the hassles of trailers. Come join us for some uncomplicated fun sailing.