2016 Wurstfest Regatta

Southwest Regional Sunfish RegattaHey Fishies – It’s time to register for Wurstfest. Last year there were very few sunfish attending. If we do not get 15 or more sunfish pre-registered there will not be a separate course for us. Please, please register so that you do not have to sail the Portsmouth course.
Go to: http://www.wurstfestregatta.com/ for all info.

Also – The FWBC regatta was a fun one. We had 13 races in two days. I’m pretty sure that everyone had a great time. Only three of you are qualified for the Earl Gerloff trophy this year. Ed Hill is ahead right now by one point. David McCary is our only qualifier to be able to throw out a regatta. Pat Laurie is right behind both of them. For the regatta scores and overall standings, please go to: http://www.txsunfishracing.org

Hope everyone has a great time at Wurstfest. For the first time in many years I will not be attending this year. CP and I are going on an adventure in New Mexico for our 25th wedding anniversary. I will be thinking of you guys while we are gone.

Hugs and fishes,


1 thought on “2016 Wurstfest Regatta

  1. Annie Lancaster

    How do we start planning for the circuit for 2017? AYC has the Center Board regatta set for Sept 17-18. Will that work for a stop???


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