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2014 Tx Circuit Calendar Update

Southwest Regional Sunfish RegattaCan you believe it, we have a new sailing venue.  Yep!  most of us said yes so we shall attend the Commodore’s Cup in late April at the Corinthian Sailing Club in Dallas.

We see you there,  Ellen & Sylvie

More Sunfish Regatta for the Circuit?

Southwest Regional Sunfish RegattaHi fishies – we need one more regatta for our circuit.  I have been asked if we would like to be included in a regatta at White Rock in Dallas on April 26th and 27th.  Please let me know this week if you would attend.

Queen of the Fish

New Date for you!

Southwest Regional Sunfish RegattaHappy Valentine Day!

Okay, I’m late but it’s from the heart.  Also we need to let you know that we have a new date to our 2014 Calendar.
It’s a date!

Ellen and Sylvie