Final Trip Report form the 2013 Sunfish Women’s North American

Southwest Regional Sunfish RegattaSaturday races were to start at 11:30 but we sailed around a bit while race committee tried to set up the course. The winds were light and shifty.  We got a 4 leg race off but they shortened it to 3 legs.  I went to the left which was not too good and got 16th.  After more course adjusting, they got race 2 off, another 4 “legger.”  The course was altered at the windward mark and at the leeward mark and shortened at the third mark.  I followed a local sailor and came in 3rd!  They had us go in to wait ashore for the wind to come in.  Some dolphins escorted us in which made it fun.  We hit the pool to cool down and at 2:45 they called the races for the day.  Of course by 3:15 the sea breeze was coming in nicely. Oh well, we got to hit the bar early.  There was a lovely dinner at 6 and a poolside movie at dusk but Charlie and I headed back to our friends house for a glass of wine, dip in the pool and of course Charlie went fishing. It was nice to relax and refresh.  Overall I was 10th for the day.  Happy sailing,  Annie Lancaster

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