“Ditty Bag” Report

Southwest Regional Sunfish Regatta2013 Sunfish Southwest Regional Championship-South Regatta

The weather tested your Sunfish skills this weekend. 21 registered racers from Shreveport, Dallas, Galveston, Austin, and the LCYC Sunfish Gang were on the water.  Winds were at 165 degrees at 15 mph with gusts up to 24 mph for the 1st and 2nd races of the day.  Winds decided to shift as the sailors were at lunch on the super-dock to 150 degrees.  By 2:00 PM the wind had dropped down to 8 mph with gusts to 12 mph for the remainder of the day on the water.  We got in 4 races on Saturday. For the first race the leading three off the start were Greg Gust and father and son competitors Bill and Stewart Draheim.  Greg Gust and Bill Draheim were approaching the finish and Greg had taken a port tack at the leeward mark and Bill took a starboard.  The result of the differing tactics led to an exciting wrestle for the lead and the win giving Greg Gust a victory by less than a foot. Greg Gust took the second race victory as well, but this time over Stewart and Bill taking third.

After the lunch break racing resumed at 2:10 PM.  The sailors had to adjust their approach to the race due to the lower winds making this race different than before, giving Stewart the victory, Josh Rubin took 2nd place and Bill in third again, with Greg Gust following in 4th place.  Race 4 Greg Gust adjusted his tactics and reclaimed victory, with Josh again in 2nd and Bret Sweetman in 3rd, followed closely in fourth by Ellen Burks. The top LCYC finishers for this race were Ty Johnson in 9th, Sylvie Mathis in 11th, and Dave Sanford in 12th!

Day 2 of the regatta had something completely different with winds at 80 degrees from 4 – 7 mph.  The 5th race started out slowly, but Ellen Burks had a strong lead when she rounded the windward mark and held the lead to the finish claiming victory above Josh Rubin (2nd) and Greg Gust (3rd).  The 6th and final race of the competition had the Race Committee following the wind all over until it settled in at 350 degrees at 5 – 12 mph.  This race at the leeward mark had everyone splitting tacks, so boats were approaching the finish from all angles and speeds.  The victory went to Stewart Draheim with a wise choice for a port tack approach until he met Greg gust on the water (who had chosen Starboard) then Stewart’s momentum took him successfully through a starboard tack in front of Greg and he stole the lead and the win. For LCYC, our Dave Sanford took 9th place for the final race.

Top Woman for the weekend was awarded to Ellen Burks.  Top Master was given to Victor Manning.  Fifth place was also given to Ellen, with 4th place for Josh Rubin, 3rd place for Bill Draheim. His son Stewart beat him out for 2nd place by 8 points. The overall victory was given to Greg Gust.  The top LCYC finishers were Dave Sanford (12th), Lynn Simpson (14th) and Ty Johnson (15th).  A hearty thank you and a job well sailed to all participants this weekend.  And many thanks to all the volunteers who helped feed the sailors this weekend!
May you all have full sails and fair weather!

Jake Mathis and Jordan Schulze
Race Committee Boat

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